The Do's & Don'ts Of Renovating A Bathroom

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Renovating A Bathroom

If you want to update your home, renovating a bathroom is usually one of the first zones considered for upgrade. Whether it’s extending the room for more space, changing the design layout to suit your family’s needs or removing a hideous colour scheme, a bathroom renovation is an exciting challenge that will add value to your home.

Once you decide to renovate your bathroom, there are some key ‘do’s and donts’ of renovating that must be considered. The task can seem overwhelming and daunting, even for experienced renovators. Hiring the right tradies and communicating your key focus for the space will ensure the renovating experience is a smooth one.

And that brings us to our first DO.

Do Hire A Builder

One of the biggest misconceptions about renovating a bathroom is thinking a plumber does all the work. The plumber only does a quarter of the work needed to upgrade a bathroom. A builder is the one who project manages and coordinates the tradies needed for the bathroom renovation.

A bathroom requires a number of tradies working together to create the finished space. The builder will project manage the sequence of tradies from start to finish.

It’s important to hire an experienced builder who specialises in bathroom renovations. Marshall Renovations have completed many successful bathrooms and will ensure your upgrade happens to a high standard, within the timeframe agreed on.

DO gut the old bathroom

It seems like a way to save money if you choose not to look too closely at what might be lurking behind your old bathroom walls. But if you’re going to spend money upgrading the bathroom, it’s best to gut the old bathroom and strip it right back to the studs. This way any mould or mildew can be treated, structural problems addressed and pipework replaced as required before you add the cosmetic touches.

DO allow a buffer in the budget

Sometimes unforeseen issues can rear their heads once the walls and sheeting are down. Unexpected problems can arise like termites or asbestos. These setbacks are common, so allow for a buffer in the budget to pay for extra work needed to fix these issues.

DO expect time delays

Your builder will do everything possible to ensure your bathroom renovation is completed in the timeframe expected. But sometimes problems can arise onsite that will delay the handover date. These delays should be considered accordingly as a builder can’t gain back time if there are supply issues or certain tradies don’t show up onsite when expected. So many variables can be at play. Keep the communication open with your builder so you are aware of what is happening onsite.

DON’T be surprised by variations

Unforeseen problems do incur costs to your builder or tradespeople, and these costs are passed on as variations. No bathroom renovation is the same and building practices have changed through the decades. It’s common that issues will arise throughout the renovation. In order for the builder to produce a quality result, these issues will incur variations. If you have a buffer in the budget, the variations should be well covered.

Don’t project manage the renovation yourself

One way clients like to save money is by choosing to project manage the bathroom renovation themselves. Unless you’re an experienced renovator, this can cost you more money and add time delays to your renovation. Use the contracted builder to project manage the bathroom renovation for you. It’s part of their fee and their experience will ensure the tradies are managed in a timely manner to meet the handover deadline.

Don’t supply the materials or fixtures

Another misconception when renovating a bathroom is thinking you will save money by supplying the materials and fixtures for the renovation. This practice is time-consuming and often costs more money in the long run because the wrong materials are purchased or they aren’t supplied when the tradies need them onsite. Hand this responsibility to the tradies. Specify what you want in terms of fixtures, but get the tradies to supply them. This will ensure they aren’t restricted by what they can and can’t do onsite if you’re the one responsible for their material supplies. It will cause you less stress too.

Marshall Renovations have been renovating homes and bathrooms throughout Brisbane for over 25 years. If you’re considering renovating a bathroom, call the team to discuss your ideas and get a free quote.

Renovating a bathroom? Contact Marshall Renovations today for ideas, inspiration and practical help.


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