5 Home Building Trends to Watch in 2017

Five Home Building Trends to Watch in 2017

When you decide to build a new home, you are often set on a house plan that will suit the needs of both yourself and your family. But it’s always a good idea to take into account current home building trends, as these can both maximise your house plan, while giving you a home that works with your lifestyle. Trends are often based on how our lifestyle evolves, so you may find these will enhance the living aesthetic in your new home.

Even though we are a quarter of the way through the year, here are five home building trends to watch in 2017.

#1 Open-Plan Outdoor Living

Open-plan outdoor living is one of the biggest trends in home building trends for 2017. The drive for this trend has been due to the way technology has infiltrated our lives and a desire for bringing the outdoors in. Open-plan outdoor living space offers a retreat for families to get away from the distractions that tend to draw us in.

Currently, open-plan outdoor living is a popular trend and it is incorporated by expanding the outdoor area and allowing it to flow from the indoor living area so you can have the best of both worlds, with space and functionality, to allow all members of the family to retreat and relax.

#2 Digital Detox

Digital Detox is a backlash against the trends of constant technology that bombards us in all areas of life. It incorporates the use of basic materials including cork, concrete and wood, contrasted with grey and brown tones and metallic accents. This trend sees a return to a 1950’s post-modernist feel where rooms have function and form rather than be purely designed as a space for visual pleasure.

How this trend works with new home builds is through the choice of materials, and the segregation or sectioning of rooms that were once popular as part of an open-plan house style. Segregated dining rooms or off-set living rooms allow for intimate connections that can be lost in a public, open-style living space.

#3 Dual Spaces

Smaller blocks of land mean house designs need to be clever in incorporating rooms that have a dual purpose. For example, the playroom that can turn into a guest bedroom or the office that can be converted into a library. This trend allows you to get more from your house design, without compromising on space for the non-negotiable rooms in your home.

#4 Granny Flat Add-On

The housing market can be a difficult one for many to enter; so many home builds are taking advantage of this problem by adding a studio or granny flat. Homeowners have the option to rent out their extended home or offer the space to elderly parents or older children when they can’t afford to move out of the home, but need their own space.

The Granny flat add-on can also help with the budget as the rent money can be put against the mortgage of your home.

#5 Energy Efficient

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in utility costs and new home builds are now incorporating architectural designs that ensure the house relies less on electricity to keep its climate livable all year round.

Homes that have a smaller ecological footprint are not only cost-effective to run, they can reduce energy use and offer minimal carbon emissions.

Energy efficient appliances through the use of solar assistance will also be a big trend that allows homeowners to get the best of both worlds by having a home that suits the seasons but doesn’t cost a fortune to keep comfortable.

Home building trends can change and evolve each year. It’s important to understand also that what may be on trend right now, might not suit your family’s lifestyle or mantra.

Marshall Renovations have been renovating and building homes throughout Brisbane for over 25 years. If you’re looking to renovate or you’re keen to add some of these key trends to your home, why not discuss your ideas with the team and get a quote to get started.

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