Kitchen Remodelling Tips With Marshall Renovations Brisbane

Planning A Home Extension? Kitchen Remodelling Tips To Consider

Home extensions are exciting! They give you the opportunity to turn your existing house into the home you have always dreamt of, adjust features that are no longer needed, and upgrade tired out-of-date designs. Undertaken the right way, home extensions can be efficiently managed regardless of the complexity. Here are some kitchen remodelling tips to consider when you are looking to upgrade your kitchen and turn it into a functional, efficient central zone in your house.

Evaluate your current kitchen – efficiency versus wasted space

One of the first things to think about when looking to re-do your kitchen is how well your current zone is being utilised. Run through how the area is used daily by all those who live in the home. Where are the entry and exit points? Which cupboards are used most? Are there any corners that simply never see the light of day?

Don’t automatically think you need more space even if you have a growing family. You may simply need a layout adjustment. It is also important to consider the path you follow when moving from the stove to the fridge to the bench. Does it flow or do you find it awkward? Making sure everything is in easy reach will make cooking and entertaining that much more enjoyable.

Adjusting shelving and cupboard heights

We are all made differently and so too are our kitchens. You’d be hard pressed to find a kitchen that has its shelving, cupboards and appliances positioned to the perfect height for you. This is your chance to not only make those adjustments but also ensure that the zone works for everyone in the home, including budding chefs in the family.  It could also be a good time to throw out the old and purchase some more energy efficient appliances that will save you money in the long run.

Let there be light

Remodelling your kitchen also gives you the opportunity to incorporate more light into the area. Natural light should be maximised wherever possible; it’s often more relaxing that electric lighting, and is also much cheaper from a cost perspective. Installing down lights and feature lighting is always worth a thought, too. Consider spotlights to improve visibility in high use areas or to draw the eye to prized trinkets or feature items.

Colour – less is more

Keeping up with the current trends is expensive and no doubt there are features of your kitchen that are simply out of date. Save time and money down the track by considering a neutral palate for your remodelled kitchen. Clean base colours like white, cream or fawn allow you to accessorise over time. Introduce pops of colour as your tastes or the latest trends change. From a neutral base, you can give your kitchen a whole new look whenever you get the urge, without a major redecorating job.

Starting from scratch

Sometimes it really is easier to gut your kitchen zone and start over from scratch. Where there are significant adjustments needed removing everything will allow you to really create the space you’ve always wanted. If your home is relatively old, this will also give you the opportunity to spot any issues with plumbing and look for potential problems that may otherwise have been hidden.

Marshall Renovations have been renovating homes throughout Brisbane for over 25 years. Specialising in quality home extensions of every size and complexity, give the team a call to discuss your ideas and kick start the process and add value to your property.  The experts are available to help you achieve your goals.

Need more renovation ideas and inspiration for your dream home? Contact Marshall Renovations today!


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