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When it comes to your business, it is important to put your best foot forward and there is no better way to do this than with a well-designed workspace.

Whether you want to attract customers, or provide a productive and practical area for your employees, targeted workplace fit-outs are of paramount importance.With so many industries and commercial sectors throughout Brisbane, every commercial building has unique and individual requirements. To meet the requirements of your business specifically, you need a reliable commercial builder, who understands exactly what it takes to complete commercial construction jobs to an unrivalled standard of quality.

Here at Marshall Renovations, we offer a wide variety of commercial construction service and our aim is develop a targeted solution for you. We provide high quality commercial builds Brisbane wide and our team is well equipped to handle a range of project sizes that meet your specifications. We have over 25 years of experience in the construction industry and this has afforded us many valuable insights into how a commercial construction project should be managed. With Marshall Renovations, you get the assurance of quality every time with minimal disruption to your business. We understand that you want to prevent any obstacles to your business, which is why we will manage your project in the least intrusive way possible.

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Marshall Renovations: the best of Brisbane construction companies

At Marshall Renovations, we are amongst Brisbane’s most experienced commercial builders and we have been servicing Queensland and Brisbane for over 25 years. We are members of the master builders association and our dedication is to provide the most effective and efficient commercial construction services in Brisbane. Specifically, we can manage office or workplace refurbishment, insurance claims, office fit outs, specialised concrete works, sub stations, shopping centres, commercial builds and a range of other building services.

To ensure that you get the best in service and quality workmanship, we focus on deadlines and minimising disruptions to your workplace, while the project is being completed. Our strict adherence to deadlines serves to make it easier for you in terms of planning your business affairs during the construction period. We work closely with you to develop a clear approach before work commences, and this meticulous planning enables us to complete your project
in a timely and efficient manner, without compromising on quality. Our aim is to deliver the advantages of:


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The best service of all commercial construction companies in Brisbane

At Marshall Renovations, we recognise the diverse nature of commercial need across Brisbane. To meet these needs, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of commercial construction services, Brisbane wide. Regardless of what you need, our service process is perfectly refined to identify and address your needs at every stage of the project.

Office/shop Fit outs

Office or shop fit outs are essentially the configuration of your office or shop in a manner that suits your business. Your workplace can leave a strong impression on your customers or clients and it can also have a direct bearing on the productivity of your employees and your business as a whole. Every business is different and as a result, every one of our clients has specific and unique needs. With 25 years of experience and commercial builders in Brisbane, we know precisely what it takes to provide the best in shop or office fit outs.

Factory Extensions

Commercial real estate is at a premium across Brisbane and this can make purchasing a new factory quite expensive. Fortunately, we offer a solution here at Marshall Renovations: factory extensions. Extending your factory is a fantastic and very cost effective way to improve your rates of productivity and it ensures that there is minimal disruption to the operation of your business. We recognise that factories are amongst the most specifically designed buildings, as they serve a particular purpose. For this reason, we will work closely with you to ascertain your precise needs and ensure that your factory extension meets all of these needs perfectly.

Sub stations/switch rooms

Substations and switch rooms both perform important functions from a commercial perspective and this depends, to a large degree, on the quality of their construction. At Marshall Renovations, we know the importance of specialised construction when it comes to substations and switch rooms, which is why we offer tailored commercial builds, Brisbane wide, to suit commercial substations and switch rooms.

Specialised concrete works

Because some businesses require very specific fit outs, configurations or renovations, the need for specialised concrete services sometimes arises. At Marshall Renovations, we have a full time labour force that has all the knowledge and experience necessary to undertake specialised concrete works of any description. We also have access to the latest in innovative concreting approaches and advanced equipment. This allows us to cater for your specific needs, regardless of how specialised they might seem.

Contact Marshall Renovations for the best commercial construction Brisbane has to offer

If you are looking for the best commercial construction companies Brisbane has to offer, then look no further than Marshall Renovations. We pride ourselves on offering tailored and personalised service to all businesses across Brisbane, no matter how specific your requirements may be.

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Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Are your building methods sustainable?

At Marshall Renovations, all of our building methods are sustainable and we maintain a strong view to the future with each of our jobs. Sustainability is one of our foremost priorities and we pride ourselves on combining sustainable building practices with unrivalled workmanship and attention to detail. We employ the latest in innovative techniques and materials, to ensure that your commercial premises are founded on sustainable construction.

#2 Will your construction works disrupt my business?

At Marshall Renovations, we understand that time is money when it comes to matters of business and for this reason we limit any disruption to a bare minimum. Our professional tradesmen are punctual and conscious of the concrete deadlines that we implement from the very outset of the process. We will ensure that you are informed of precisely how long the commercial redevelopment or construction of your business will take, so that you can plan around it and further minimise any disruption. We will strive to use the least intrusive approach to your project, so that you do not have to worry about diminished productivity or uncomfortable working conditions.

#3 Do you offer project management services from beginning to end?

Here at Marshall Renovations, we pride ourselves on offering an end-to- end service. We work with our clients from the very beginning to assess your needs and develop the perfect approach to meeting them. We understand that the requirements of each client will be different and we will take time to listen to your precise needs. You will remain at the centre of our priorities for the entirety of the process and you can rest assured that we will keep you updated at the completion of each and every step. Upon completion, we will remain accessible to you, so as to ensure that you do not encounter any issues in the future. If you have any questions at any stage, we invite you to make an inquiry – our professional staff are only too happy to help..

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