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5 Expert Tips For Avoiding Disastrous Renovations!

Renovations are an art form. They combine practical, hands-on work with more conceptual design thinking. And the outcomes are nothing short of stunning, when done right. But what about those common home renovation mistakes? They can turn a comfortable renovation project into an all-out disaster. So it’s no secret that you should be avoiding renovation mistakes at all costs. To help you out with that, here are a few expert tips for avoiding those all too common renovation mistakes!

Renovations are all about planning – poor planning is a renovation mistake to avoid at all costs!

Renovations are normally born of an idea – a visualisation of what we want our homes to look like. But you can’t go off that alone. Renovations are all about hard planning. The only way of avoiding planning related home renovation mistakes is to get it down on paper. This isn’t necessarily the most glamorous aspect of the renovations process, but it’s easily the most important. Without solid plans, you simply don’t have the point of reference you need to anchor your project. So take it from the experts – spend as much time planning as you do renovating!

A common renovation mistake well worth avoiding is blowing out your budget – try prioritising

Chances are, the renovation project you are visualising is a little more luxurious than your bank account is prepared to allow. That’s always the way it goes with renovations – they’re expensive projects, which often involve compromise. So in the planning stage, work out which luxuries you’re prepared to go without, at least, for now. Then, based on what remains on your list, work out how much it will cost. Use that figure to develop a tight budget, based on what you need and what you can afford. Finally, the hard part: stick to that budget like glue!

Don’t be tempted by the salesperson at your local homewares store – no matter how stunning that standalone tub may be.

You can avoid renovation mistakes altogether by hiring the right professional – here’s how!

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first home renovation, or one of many – the professionals always know best. They live and breathe renovations, and they know the process backwards, from start to finish. The best way to stick to a concrete budget and get guaranteed results is with professional help. And let’s face it, some parts of a renovation are simply too hard to go alone. Things like kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations are great examples. They both have complicated plumbing, cabinetry, and carpentry elements that are beyond most DIY capabilities.

Trying to get it all done in one go is a renovation mistake we recommend avoiding

We mentioned the importance of compromising for your budget earlier. And we stand by that – it’s vitally important. But, it doesn’t mean you have to forgo your dream fittings entirely. You can take your home renovation one stage at a time. For example, you can go room by room and work your way up as your bank account recovers. This may extend your project time a little, but it will be pretty low-impact and much easier on the wallet.

TV tells us to go all out with the trends, but that’s a home renovation mistake you should be avoiding

Finally, don’t fall into the TV trap! Home renovation shows are great entertainment, and they are full of inspiration. However, they trade largely in trends. And while some trends are good, most are exactly that: trends. This means they will be replaced by the next rend and your freshly renovated home will become dated before too long. Stick to the timeless styles and you’ll have a much more enduring effect.

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