5 Features to Consider in a Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens are some of the most complex areas of the home, and for many of homeowner’s at the top of their wish list of home improvements is a new kitchen. When the smart features are included, and a good design is used, a newly renovated kitchen can transform the way you live in, and enjoy your home – and add significant value. Kitchens however do pack a lot of utility per square metre, and can be one of the more complex areas to renovate.

As the experts in renovations in Brisbane, new kitchens are one of the most popular projects we look after here at Marshall Renovations and in this post we give our opinion of what features you should seriously consider to provide extra functionality, and value, in your new kitchen.


1.     Additional  storage Space

Nearly every kitchen renovation includes cabinetry work, and when it comes to storage in the kitchen the more the better. Even in smaller kitchens there can be a balance of above counter shelving which can be used to display recipe books, spices and crockery items, or closed in cabinetry. A centre island is on the wish list for many designing a new kitchen if space permits. Another option is to hide away counter top appliances in cabinetry, as well as having dishwashers and fridges built in behind cabinet doors a uniform and seamless finish.

A quick and easy way to refresh the look of a dated kitchen into something more contemporary is to add new handles on doors and drawers, and a new colour scheme. Another contemporary look is having no handles at all, so the cabinets are in effect hidden to look as if they are part of a feature wall. These drawers and doors can have an integrated recess to open at the top, and also soft closing hinges so there is no noise from slamming doors shut.

When it comes to the main surface in the kitchen, laminate bench tops in many grains and patterns are popular and are very hardwearing however for a more luxury look, stone and granite benches are the new ‘in vogue’ choice.

2.     Task/Accent Lighting

A kitchen renovation is the perfect opportunity to integrate task lighting and with energy efficient LED strip lighting this can also add to the design providing accent lighting to set the mood when the kitchen is not in use. Lights can be added on the underside of above-counter cabinets or along bulkheads.

3.     Refreshed Splashbacks

This is the area to get creative, or for the more conventional, will refresh the look of a tired, grubby or worn kitchen. New neutral coloured splashback tiles in a herringbone pattern can add interest without looking too busy, and there are a number of glass and acrylic splashback materials that can shiny, reflective finish to add a touch of luxury.

4.     New Flooring

As the biggest surface a kitchen’s flooring can transform the look and feel of the space and create the perfect opportunity to contrast with the colour scheme used in the kitchen. For example a light coloured bench and cabinetry is perfectly offset by timber or laminate flooring. Large tiles with less grout can also look great and make the area feel bigger. Investing in a flooring option that is moisture resistant and easy to clean should be a priority in the kitchen.

5.     Walk in Butler’s Pantry

A well designed kitchen should have a step in pantry with a light making it easy to see and store plug in appliances that are not being used, foodstuffs and other items. These can be glass doors to see through. Shallower shelves but more of them can prevent food items getting lost, and make it easy to do an inventory on items at a glance. A few deeper drawers in the pantry are also a good opportunity to store heavy pots and pans without having to crouch down to floor level.

These are just a few ideas about what is possible when it comes to renovating your kitchen, but if you have pictures of designs you like, or just a certain look in mind, speak to the renovation experts at Marshall Renovations. We can seamlessly handle all areas of a kitchen renovation project and bring your dream kitchen into a stunning reality. Call us today on (07) 3342 6675



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