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8 Top Landscaping Trends 2019

Landscaping is essentially the frame for our home designs. With good landscaping, your home can really enter the next level of ambience. But with landscaping, your options are unlimited; making a decision can be a challenge. So to give you some inspiration, here are the top landscaping trends due to take 2019 by storm.

Urban landscaping: one of our favourite trends is the new notion that no garden is too small!

If you live in an apartment or townhouse, you might have written off the idea of landscaping. Without a big backyard, is it even possible? The answer is yes with this trend! Urban landscaping is becoming more and more popular, and it’s easy to see why. Adding some colour to your unit, townhouse, or apartment is easier than you might think. It can even lend a sense of space!

Gastronomy in the garden: landscaping trends are pushing outdoor dining further into the garden

Outdoor dining sets have traditionally been positioned conveniently on a landing or patio. But with this landscaping trend, outdoor dining is being pushed away – into the garden, that is. Convenience is being replaced with the beautiful feeling of dining among nature. And we think that’s worth the extra ten or twenty metre walk.

The wild garden landscaping trends is pushing us all back to the basics – and we love it!

Landscaping has been all about taming nature for so long. But the newest trends are dispensing with that idea and paying homage to the wildness of nature. The wild garden landscaping trend invites a sense of disorder and natural chaos, which, despite how it sounds, creates some of the most peaceful gardens you’ll ever come across.

Out of the ordinary and edible: that’s what you get with this cool new landscaping trend

Vegetable gardens have been a staple of home landscaping for decades. And this trend doesn’t want to change that. However, it does want to invite some new vegetables to the party, and chances are you haven’t heard of them. Out of the ordinary edibles are those strange eclectic fruits and vegetables that you won’t see on the supermarket shelf. They look great, taste great, and encourage not just creative landscaping, but creative cooking too!

Privacy is important and it’s exactly what this urban landscaping trend advocates!

With high density living taking off in the cities, privacy can feel unattainable. Not with this landscaping trend though! The privacy trend essentially uses strategic landscaping and plant selection to tuck you away in your own inner city greenhouse. That’s something we can get behind!

Native and natural is another great new landscaping trend that is taking off in Australia

Australia has so many stunning native plants. However, few get much of a look in in a lot of landscaping projects. That’s what this landscaping trend wants to change! Native and natural is all about picking those plants that really suit the environment. They thrive, you thrive, and your landscaping looks absolutely incredible. With this landscaping trend, it’s hard to go wrong.

Focus on the front: there is a landscaping trend that encourages us to look at the front yard too!

A lot of gardeners spend painstaking hours in the backyard, only the leave the front looking stark and desolate. That’s why this landscaping trend arose; it wants to encourage lush front gardens as an entryway to your idyllic backyard and home. It’s great for privacy, and it makes your home look all the more inviting.

Indoor landscaping: with succulents, cacti and other tough plants, this trend brings nature inside

Finally, here’s one for those without much outdoor space: the indoor landscaping trend. Why should you be left out of the fun? With hardy indoor plants like succulents and cacti, you can lend some greenspace to your home or office. Simply do some research, and make sure your plant selection is perfect.

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