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Considerations for adding another Bathroom | Bathroom Renovation ideas

Spacious, modern and attractive bathrooms are always appreciated by buyers. There’s only one thing better than a home with a spacious luxury bathroom – a home with multiple bathrooms. Many buyers don’t even look at property listings with only one bathroom.

Whether it’s an ensuite or a second family bathroom, renovating and adding extra bathrooms is one of the most fail safe renovation projects that will add considerable value to the home. If the property is being rented, they can also command a higher rental price.

Marshall Renovations are your Brisbane team who can coordinate renovation projects of all bathroom renovation ideas, including ever-popular bathroom renovations. We explain how to go about adding a second bathroom to your home.


Choosing the Best Location for the Second Bathroom

Depending on the floor plan of your home there are numerous potential locations where a second bathroom can be added. Generally the most cost effective locations will be where the least interior renovations are needed. Some different options for a second bathroom location include:

  • Spare Bedrooms or Studies for a large bathroom
  • Walk in closets easily converted into ensuite
  • A modest size extension off the bedroom
  • Half bathrooms (toilet and basin only) can also often be successfully carved out of existing floor plans including in a large storage closet, underneath stairways and from a workshop area of the garage.

The best locations are often where there is existing plumbing. If it will be possible it’s a good idea to place the second bathroom on the opposite wall of an existing bathroom, kitchen or laundry.

Laundry Conversions

If you have a laundry room, this can be one of the best and most affordable areas of the home to convert into a second bathroom while still using as a laundry – space permitting. In many homes there is the opportunity to create a laundry cupboard, or putting laundry equipment undercover outside, in the garage or under the house. This can free up space in the laundry room for a dedicated bathroom and will typically allow a larger bathroom than some of the other options.

Our renovations team can assess your floor plans and assess the best location for an additional bathroom based on your needs and budget. From fixtures, fittings, plumbing, electrical, ventilation and all other requirements for your new bathroom we can coordinate all areas of bathroom renovations in Brisbane

To speak to us about what is possible call Marshall Renovations today on (07) 3342 6675


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