office renovation checklist

Essential Checklist For Your Office Renovation

office renovation checklist

Taking on an office renovation is rewarding for a whole range of reasons. A carefully organised space not only channels productivity, but also improves creativity. And what better way to organise your office space than a renovation? Dispense with old and outdated interiors, poorly organised space, and low lighting – replace them with modern interiors, great organisation, and a bright ambience! When you do, though, make sure everything is organised to perfection. It’s important that your office renovation doesn’t interrupt your workplace too much. To help you organise your office renovation, we’ve put together a handy checklist. Here’s what you need to know!

Identify your needs during an office renovation: why are you renovating?

Before you can approach an office renovation in a meaningful way, you need to have clear objectives. Why are you renovating? The answer to that question will inform your approach to office renovations. If your office renovation is solely for client engagement, you will want to take an approach that doesn’t inconvenience your clients too much. If you’re renovating to improve comfort for your team, then give them options to avoid the worst of the works. When you know what you need from your office renovation, you’re in a good position to get it. Everyone renovates for a reason, so what’s yours?

Make sure someone is in charge: you need someone reliable to take control of an office renovation

When taking on significant projects such as renovations, communication is key. If you choose a good builder for your renovation, then you’ll have a project manager dedicated to keeping you updated. This means you’ll always have a clear line of communication, and you’ll always be informed. But it’s not only your builder who can take this approach – you can too. By assigning a member of your team to the job of overseeing your office renovation, you communicate with your builders even more consistently. And when it comes to construction, consistent communication is key.

Break your office into sections and identify which will be affected by the renovations and when

Every office serves a different purpose. Normally, office layouts reflect that. Most offices have different sections for different departments, which allows everyone to work smoothly. We all know how effective that approach is, and it can extend to your office renovation too! By breaking your renovation project into sections, you can limit its overall effect on your office. Basically, you can ensure that no more than one section of your office is incapacitated at any given time. This will help everyone manage their expectations, and keep productivity as high as possible while works take place.

Circulate a memorandum to all your staff that clearly outlines an office renovation timeline

On the topic of managing expectations, it is vital that you keep your team informed. Renovations often require power tools, which can generate noise and dust. Depending on the extent of your renovations, the office may not be useable for a while. So don’t let that catch your team by surprise. Keep them in the loop from day dot; try ensure that they know exactly what’s coming, and when.

Finally, don’t forget to tell your clients that you’re getting an office renovation done!

Let’s not forget the backbone of any business: clients! Your clients may be affected by your office renovation in the same way that you and your team are. And clients are one group that nobody wants offside. That’s why we recommend keeping them in the loop. You can use your business website, social media accounts, and even noticeboards to let them know what’s coming. Chances are, they’ll appreciate the heads up.
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