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Finding the right Brisbane builders for your next residential renovation

When renovating your home, you might believe that budget is your biggest problem, but not selecting the right Brisbane builders can be an even bigger issue. Whether you want major structural changes to your home, an addition or extension, or just an updated kitchen, bathroom or laundry, you need both the right budget and the right builders.

Here are four questions to ask yourself before deciding on your builders:

1. Do the builders have the right type of experience?

Most builders are good at their job, but that doesn’t mean that they have the experience you need. Some builders are known for their bathroom or kitchen renovations, others for their additions and extensions, and others for taking properties down to the studs and rebuilding them from the ground up. You want your builders to have the right type of experience for your renovations, because you need to have confidence in their ability to do a good job.

2. Have you done enough research on Brisbane builders?

When have done enough research? Well, have you checked out their website? Does it look professional? Does it have customer testimonials? Have you checked that they have the correct builders licenses and insurances? Have you asked for references from previous customers? Have you visited any of their previous renovations and spoken to the home owners? Do they produce a quality product or have previous homeowners had any problems with the builders? Do they always finish on time and on budget? If you have done all of this research, then you are ready to make a short list of builders to interview.

3. Have you met your shortlisted builders face to face?

The biggest reason you want to meet face to face with your Brisbane builders is to make sure that they are a good fit for you and your family. Can you communicate easily with them and do they actually listen to you? Some builders have their own agendas, riding roughshod over homeowners – an issue that you will quickly identify if you meet with them. Also make sure that you actually meet with the person who will be the project manager for your renovations, not a salesperson or marketing manager. Ask about their supply lines and relationships with contractors, and generally how they will manage your renovations. If you are going to remain living in the house during the renovations, you can also ask them how they will deal with this situation as well. The point here is to never be afraid to ask questions!

4. Have you asked for a detailed quote?

You want everything included in your quote, so that you are not left with unpaid bills at the end of your renovations or with renovations that have run out of money. Transparency is the key here, so if anyone on your short list of Brisbane builders is reluctant to fully answer your questions or give you a detailed quote, then you need to consider your options at this point. You want a confirmed timeline, detailed budget and clear steps on how to address any problems that might rear their heads during the renovations.

Once you have asked yourself these questions and answered them to your satisfaction, you are ready to select the best Brisbane builders for your renovations. So why not call Marshall Renovations and find out how we can help with your renovations?


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