9 Tips to avoid a renovation costs blowout


A renovation budget that spirals out of control is one of the more common ways people run into trouble during a renovation project. Whether there are renovation costs that weren’t accounted for, or failing to properly plan, sticking to your budget is one of the cornerstones of a successful renovation.

As the Brisbane experts in bathroom, kitchen and complete domestic and commercial renovations, we’ve seen budgets explode for many reasons. To help this being you, the team at Marshall Renovations share our tops things what to do and what to do to avoid a renovation budget saga.


Keep up with renovation costs as you go.

Track costs as they are incurred and keep a running total. This will avoid and nasty surprises at the end. It’s always better to know how much things are costing now so you can make decisions based on your budget. Not keeping up with the costs you are incurring or planning to incur can be the single biggest reason why people are shocked with the total expense of the project.


Avoid Moving Plumbing and Electrical

. It’s one of the biggest rules of renovation: any changes to the plumbing and electrical connections will add a significant amount of work to the project and labour costs. This includes moving sinks, toilets, and other fixtures.


Avoid Significant Changes to the Floor Plan

. Things can get costly when you start ripping out walls, doors and ceiling and changing the blueprint of the home design. Many people who are renovating have some gripes with the layout of their home, but if these can be overcome without significant changes to the floor plan this will keep costs down.


Separate needs from wants.

Some people get caught up in all the latest fixtures and fittings and get caught up wanting the best of everything. As obvious as it sounds, you can spend a huge portion of your budget on just one item. a freestanding bath, so it’s important to determine what you really want versus what you actually need.


Stick to the Plan –

Changing your mind or making changes mid-way through the project is another way labour costs will begin to add up. It might even mean existing work has to be corrected, changed which can add delays to the timeframe.


Stay Home –

Moving out while a renovation project can get costly, so if you’re planning to relocate during the reno, make sure this is accounted for. If you can stay home this will save dollars but if your kitchen area is being remodelled you’ll need to set up a temporary kitchen or sorts and budget for takeaway or other food options.


DIY What you can –

Painting a minor demolition work like pulling up flooring and tiles can be completed yourself which can provide some extra savings. Be careful with DIY work though since unless you really know what you’re doing, DIY jobs can be ridden with mistakes which can be costly to rectify and certainly will not help your budget.


Allow for the Unexpected –

When planning your reno budget, it’s always suggested that you allow 20 per cent of your final budget. There could be all sorts of surprises under floors and behind walls or electrical wiring that needs replacing.


Look for affordable ways to renovate –

Your home doesn’t always need major changes to have a refresh. A lighter coat of paint can make a room appear bigger and brighter and existing kitchen cabinets that are otherwise in good condition can be refitted with new doors instead of refitting the whole area.

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