Increase your profits with the best duplex builders in Brisbane

Are you in the market for duplex builders in Brisbane? Duplexes are the unsung heroes of the real estate market, being the ideal vehicle for savvy investors. Not many people realise that you can generally build a duplex for less than the cost of two detached houses, delivering significant rental yields over the long term.

A duplex is a residential building that has a central wall in common and can either be on the same title or different titles. Depending on this set-up, you can sell them as a pair on one title or individually on different titles. Regardless of which option you have selected, a duplex is a very good investment if it’s in the right location.

Locating experienced duplex builders in Brisbane

The main pitfall for most investors is not engaging experienced duplex builders in Brisbane. That’s because building a duplex is a whole different ball game when compared to detached houses or units. So here are 4 questions you need to ask yourself, before deciding on your builders.

     1. Do they have the right experience?

When your livelihood is at stake, you not only want an experienced builder, you want a builder who is experienced at building duplexes. Your builder should help you work through any council requirements and permits that come with building duplexes, so that all the boxes are ticked before construction commences. Always ask for references and whether they have any previous duplex clients who are willing to speak to you about their experience with the builder.

     2. Are they a licenced builder in QLD?

Any builder you hire must have a licence to practice their trade in Queensland and be fully insured. To check whether a builder is licensed (QBCC licence) you can go to the Master Builders website and enter their name or ask to see their licence. All builders need to take out Worker’s Compensation Insurance to cover any on-site accidents, but they also need Public Liability and a Home Warranty Insurance (the latter protects you if the builder goes bust). Ask to see evidence of these policies, otherwise you could be in a financial fix if your builder is uninsured.

    3. Do they listen and communicate well?

One of the biggest factors that separates the good from the bad duplex builders in Brisbane is how they communicate with their clients. Some builders listen to their client’s needs and opinions and engage in positive interactions. Others have their own agenda and opinions, paying only lip service to the needs of the client. For the construction process to run smoothly, from design to completion, you must feel comfortable with your builder and know that all your ideas, questions and opinions are respected.

   4. Do they provide a transparent and inclusive quote?

Quotes for the construction of your duplex must be transparent, easy to understand and cover all the work required. You will need to read these quotes very carefully, because you don’t want to be left with a half-finished building, simply because you misunderstood what was and what was not included in the quote.

Once you have answered all four of these questions to your satisfaction, you are good to go! At Marshall Renovations, we take great pride in our work and consider ourselves the leading duplex builders in Brisbane. Call us on 07 3342 6675 or send us an email to arrange a free consultation.


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