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How much will I pay for a small bathroom remodel?

So you have decided on a small bathroom remodel and need to know how much it will cost. Well first of all you need to understand the difference between a small and a large bathroom remodel, just to make sure that ‘small’ is where you need to be!

There’s no point in opting for a small project when it doesn’t suit your purposes and you end up with a bathroom that isn’t really what you wanted, even if it does fit into your budget. In this case, you may as well save up for what you do want! So let’s take a look at what you get for your money, if you opt for a small versus a large bathroom remodel.

What does a small bathroom remodel involve?

A small remodelling of your bathroom will basically involve only cosmetic changes – simply replacing or updating your existing fittings. For example, replacing the washbasin and vanity, taps and maybe the lighting. These small remodelling projects start at around $5000 and generally top out at $15,000, but even at this top end, they don’t include moving your electrics and plumbing – the bathroom’s footprint will need to stay the same.

A small bathroom remodel can also involve replacing the tiles, but you need to stay in the more affordable range of tiles and away from the expensive options. This is also the same for all your fittings, so you will need to look at framed shower screens, because they are cheaper than the frameless options, and opt for affordable tapware as well. You can remodel and update your bathroom on a limited budget, but for $5000 it will be a very limited cosmetic update.

What does a large bathroom remodel involve?

As you move further towards the upper limit of $15,000 and above (large bathroom updates can reach $30,00 or more), you can include more options in your bathroom. For example more expensive mosaic tiles, wall mounted vanities and toilet, standalone bathtub and frameless shower screens. Even with a budget of $30,000, you might not be able to change all the plumbing and electrics, because major alterations to the footprint of your bathroom can run even higher than these costs.

When you want to take your bathroom down to the studs, jackhammer up the floor tiles and change the location of the electrics and plumbing, you are starting to look at more than $30,000, particularly if you want high quality fittings and a taste of luxury in your bathroom. Since no-one wants to over-capitalise on their property, many homeowners are happy with a small bathroom remodel, maybe pushing their budget a little higher, but basically staying within the lower end of these costs. So it’s fair to say that with $10,000 budget, you can have an updated bathroom, but with a $15,000 budget, you can have some extras and maybe a little bit of bling!

Your best option is to look at your floor plan and decide what needs to be done to make it liveable for your family. Find out the costs for these changes and if there is money left in the pot, you can upgrade some of these changes to a higher quality or include an additional upgrade that wasn’t included in your first plan.

Whether you want a large or a small bathroom remodel, give us a call on 07 3342 6675 or send us an email and we will give you a realistic quote for the work.


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