Tips For Office Renovations

Top Tips for Planning an Office Renovation

How’s your office looking? As well as many offices benefiting from a facelift there’s also a good chance that your office could better use the space available. This will assist developing a more productive and creative environment that can help boost productivity of your entire team.

Here at Marshall Renovations, we specialise in commercial renovations for all types of businesses, but one of the biggest projects we regularly undertake is the office refit or remodel. Often businesses who take on a new office space find the area could be better equipped to suit their needs, or designed in a more appealing way. The office refit is also a chance to showcase the image, culture and branding of your business to create a positive impression when clients, customers and other people visit the business. A new office can say so much more than people realise and serve as the perfect pitch for your business.

There are however some golden rules that apply to renovating an office effectively which we explain below.  

Top Tips For Office Renovations

  • Save on Company Overheads – The office redesign is a chance to save on company overheads by increasing the thermal efficiency of the space. Extra windows can create more light and reduce the reliance on air conditioning, and more energy efficient lighting and other features can be installed. It is also a good time to prewire the space for wall or ceiling mounted speakers, or video, computer or other boardroom audio visual equipment.
  • Think Ergonomically – An office refit is also the ideal chance to reassess the height of the desk and consider implementing some standing work stations to encourage people to stand in between long periods of being sedentary.
  • Rethink the Floor Plan- Does the current layout of the office allow easy interaction between staff members. In open plan offices staff desks should face inwards instead of away from one another. It’s also a good idea to provide break out areas for more private conversations and meetings.
  • Light Colours – A lighter, more neutral colour palette is recommended for office spaces in favour of darker or bolder colours. Noone wants to be staring at bright lime green wall all day, and there are many other ways to inject colour into a room without
  • Plan for Future Growth – A good office redesign should also plan for new members of the team and incorporate smart storage solutions. The more storage space and different options the better this will help reduce clutter in the office which can

These are just a few of the options that should be considered when refurbishing, remodelling and renovating office space. Based on the specific requirements of your business, if you need it we can build it and create it here at Marshall Renovations.

Speak to us today on (07) 3342 6652  for more tops tips for office renovations. We’ve got solutions for all budgets and requirements so don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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