Top tips for successful bathroom renovations

Bathroom renovations are one of the best ways to increase the value of your property and improve your lifestyle. Whether you want to renovate your family’s bathrooms or the bathrooms in your investment properties, most likely your costs will be between $8,000 to $10,000 per bathroom, depending on the quality of the fittings.

You can spend more on your bathroom renovations of course, but the bathroom renovation cost will give you a quality up-to-date bathroom, which should probably suit your needs. Also, make sure that you really need to do a full renovation, because replacing the tapware, installing new light fittings and replacing the vanity may suit your needs just as well as a full renovation.

This is particularly relevant if you are renovating a rental property, because you might find that with a few updates, the bathrooms are fine and it’s better to spend the bulk of your money on the kitchen.

However, if you are considering renovating your bathrooms, here are a few tips to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

1. Create a realistic budget: There is nothing worse than getting close to the end of your renovation and running out of money. Unfortunately, many people who are new to renovations set very unrealistic budgets, causing them to buy inferior fittings and far too often, not actually finishing.

The best strategy for bathroom renovations is to do your own research and find out the costs of tiles, vanities, light fittings, towel racks, tapware, etc., and then ask for at least three detailed quotes from builders. You can then create a realistic budget or cut your cloth accordingly, if you have a limited budget or bathroom renovation cost.

2. Do you need a builder? Too often inexperienced home owners attempt their own bathroom renovations and end up with problems they can’t handle. If you want a quality renovation that is completed efficiently and on time, then you need an experienced builder. Learning how to tile and waterproof on the fly can be overwhelming, on the other hand a builder has all the right trades people and can cope with any problems if they arise.

Spending the additional money on an experienced builder is your best option – if you want to have a completed bathroom that has been designed and built to a high standard.

3. Consider your bathroom designs: One of the biggest dangers faced by most amateur renovators is that their bathroom renovations are very up-to-date. This is fine if you are renovating the entire house to match this style, but if the rest of your home is from the 80’s, your bathrooms will not only stand out, but they will emphasise the outdated style in the rest of your home.

Just be aware of this problem and renovate your bathrooms accordingly, so that they suit the rest of your house, particularly if you won’t be updating everything else as well.

4. Stay away from trends: The best bathroom renovations are classic and timeless, not only because this style has a wonderful ambiance, but also because it don’t date quickly. Let’s be honest, you won’t be updating your bathrooms very often, so in a year or two – will you still like the subway tiles on the walls, large vessel sinks and Moroccan tiles? Keep it clean, classic and elegant, and you will have a winning bathroom every time!

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